There goes the Bride


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Elana Healy

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Show Info Edit

There goes the Bride is written by Ray Cooney and John  Chapman, set on the morning of  big wedding.

Cast Edit

Ursula Westerby - Fiona Wabe
Judy Westerby - Nicky Disney
Dr. Gerald Drimmond - Tony Makey
Daphne Drimmond - Micki Darbyshire
Timothy Westerby - Derek Williams
Bill Shorter - James Wading
Polly Perkins - Katy Weston
Charles Babcock - John Covey

Crew Edit

Director - Elana Healy
Assistant - Dave Humphrey
Stage Manager - Ricky Davey
Crew - Mike Gearing
Lighting - Brian Mercer
Sound - Steve Simpson
Props - Chrys Crinnell
Set Design - Ricky Davey and Mike Gearing
Publicity - Micki Darbyshire

Rehersal Prompt - Pat Stewart

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