That's Life


27th June - 3rd July


Micki Darbyshire

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Originally slated as Stage-Door's 35th show, That's Life got pushed back to the summer by The Unexpected Guest. That's life is a play filled with comedy capers, set in an old folks home. It was written by Sylvia Walker and directed by Micki Darbyshire.

A message from the directorEdit

"Tranquility Towers is a home for retired , elderly people and life moves very slowly for the residents, Sheila, Alice, Leonard, Albert, Ivy and Mary. There's plenty of scrabble, keep fit and gossip to keep them occupied but change is in the air. Why does matron stay in her office all day? Where is Lotte, Leonard's wife, and what really happened to Muriel? Is the rumour about the trade in body parts true? And where did all the hot chocolate and Horlicks go? Slowly all will be revealed and I hope you enjoy the play as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to you.

That's life, written by Sylvia Walker, a delightful lady who lives in Cukinfield Cheshire, is one of the funniest plays I have read. It totally captures the trials and tribulations of growing old with warmth and great humour and I am pleased to announce that no eldery person was harmed in the production of this play!!" - Micki Darbyshire.


Sheila Barton - Stevie Bennett
Alice Etchells - Brenda Hargraves
Dot - Roz Halsey
Leonard Newton - Tony Makey
Albert Sidebottom - Marcus Carlisle
Trish - Justine Richardson
Icy Hutchinson - Elizabeth Prince
Mary Waterhouse - Maureen Ayres
Robin - Jamie Griffiths
Ruth Hartley - Melanie Baker
Announcer - Sam Homer


Director - Micki Darbyshire
Assistant Director - Fiona Humphrey
Stage Manager - Gary Boniface
Backstage Crew - Ricky Davey, Mike Gearing and Company
Lighting and Sound - Inspire Leisure
Phonics for "That's Life" - Len Holloway
Props - Chris Moss
Wardrobe - Sandra Booker
Set Design/Construction - Ricky Davey, Mike Gearing, Tony Makey, Gary Boniface and company
Publicity - Micki Darbyshire
Posters and Program Design - Joy Covey
Posters and Programs Printed by - Peter Davey (Worthing college)


Stage-door Best Performance Award went to Maureen Ayres for her role as Mary Waterhouse.