Stage Door Best Performance Award

Current Holder

Barry Tinkler - Four Weddings and an Elvis

Previous Holder

Dave Griffin - And Evermore Shall be So

2012-04-18 - Best performance Award

The Spring award in 2011

History Edit

Stage-Door's Best performance award was created from the old Most Improved award. Rather than being issued by the commitee once a year, it was decided that the award should be voted for by the company, and be handed out every show. Any company member can vote, either those who are in the show or those who came to watch it.

There are currently three seperate trophies for the award, one for the spring show, one for the summer show and one for the winter show so that each winner can hold the trophy for one full year before returning it.

In 2012 the Spring trophy was retired after the shield was filled.  And evermore shall be so, was the first show to use the new spring trophy and it was awarded to Dave Griffin for his role as Roy Steadman.

Holders Edit


The most recent holder of the Stage-Door best performance award is Barry Tinkler , having won the award for his last minute role as Marvin Marvel in Four Weddings and an Elvis .


And Evermore Shall be So - Dave Griffin

Back to the Sofa - No winner due to nature of the show.

Hi de Hi! - Fiona Humphrey

Cat's Cradle - Martin Sworn

Bugsy Malone - George Hargreaves

Pull the Other One - Martin Sworn / Brenda Hargraves

The Cemetery Club - Maureen Ayres

Half a Sixpence - Jamie Griffiths

That's Life - Maureen Ayres

The Unexpected Guest - Karen Perry

The Darling Buds of May - Fiona Humphrey

It's Another Swing Thing - No winner due to nature of the show.

Move over Mrs. Markham - Mark Roberts / Barry Tinkler

Oliver! - Jamie Griffiths

'Allo 'Allo - Mark Roberts

Blue Remembered Hills / Always a U in Useless - Marcus Carlysie

Celebration - No winner due to nature of the show.

Death by Fatal Murder - Chris Nairne

When we are married - Lyndsay Bowen

Hello, Dolly! - Barry Tinkler

And then there were none - Jamie Griffiths

Off the Hook - Ricky Davey

Holders by number of winsEdit

Jamie Griffiths - 3

Barry Tinkler - 3

Fiona Humphrey - 2

Mark Roberts - 2

Martin Sworn - 2

Maureen Ayres - 2

Brenda Hargraves - 1

Chris Nairne - 1

Dave Griffin - 1

George Hargreaves - 1

Karen Perry - 1

Lyndsay Bowen - 1

Marcus Carysie - 1

Ricky Davey - 1