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Pull the Other One Program

Pull the Other One


13th July - 16th July 2011


Tony Makey

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Pull the Other One is the 39th show put on at the Windmill theatre by Stage-Door theatre company. The play was written by Norman Robbins and directed by Tony Makey.


Albert Perkins is blessed with a loving wife, Muriel, and cursed with a fearsome mother-in-law, Boadicea. When his good friend Hilary Armitage writes to him reminiscing about the good times they used to have, Boadicea reads the letter and determines to remove her daughter instantly from the clutches of this sex-fiend. Albert has a hard time explaining that the letter is perfectly innocent, and anyway Hilary is a man. He isn’t helped when Hilary turns up, wearing a blonde wig and a glamorous evening dress. By the time Hilary manages to explain he’s come straight from doing his drag act at the local pub, it’s too late, Boadicea has bashed Albert with the poker. Even when he comes round, Albert’s troubles are far from over. In a weak moment, he agrees to model for a girl student at the local art school, wearing mainly a potted plant. And Hilary, anxious to make amends for the misunderstanding he has caused, offers to deputise for Albert at bell-ringing practice at St Humphrey’s. Both these acts of kindness bring disaster in their wake. Norman Robbins’ first farce is a riot from start to finish.

A Message from the DirectorEdit

"It has been such a pleasure rehersing this farce and we have had a lot of laughs along the way. I would like to thank the wonderful cast who have worked so hard and helped me in my task of directing this wonderfully written play. Thanks also to the backstage crew for the supurb set and support from our props and costume ladies. I hope you enjoy the evening and have a safe journey home."

- Tony Makey. Director


Boadicea Heptinstall - Brenda Hargraves

Wilf Turner - Ricky Davey

Muriel Perkins - Lynn Davis

Albert Perkins - Martin Sworn

Virginia Brown - Georgina Zupnik

Hilary Armitage - Jamie Griffiths

Rev. Elijah Nookey - Barry Tinkler


Stage Manager - Gary Boniface

Backstage Crew - Company Members

Lighting - Inspire Leisure

Sound - Tony Makey

Props - Christine Moss

Costume - Sandra Booker

Set Design/Construction - Ricky Davey , Mike Gearing , Tony Makey , Gary Boniface , Alan Moss and Company

Make-up - Micki Darbyshire

Publicity - Micki Darbyshire

Posters/Programme Design - Joy Covey

Posters/Program Printing - Mission Labels .


The Stage-door Best Performance Award went to both Martin Sworn and Brenda Hargreaves for their roles as Albert Perkins and Boadicea Heptinstall respectively.


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