Outside Edge


March 31st - April 3rd 2004


Barry Tinkler

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About the Show Edit

Outside Edge is set in a cricket pavillion.  Roger has enough trouble assembling his cricket team to play against the British Railways Maintainance Division Yeadling East, but these complications pale before those occurring amoung their various wives and girlfriends.  Bob has trouble between his wife and ex-wife, Alex's girlfriend locks herself in the loo and has hysterics, Dennis flirts indiscriminately until his wife sets fire to his car, Maggie cuddles Kevin in her fur coat, even Roger's wife - champion tea maker - rebels against his authority and uncovers a secret..... what else could go wrong?

Cast Edit

Miriam - Karen Perry
Roger - Mark Roberts
Bob - Tony Makey
Dennis - Dave Humphrey
Maggie - Fiona Wabe
Kevin - Ricky Davey
Ginnie - Micki Darbyshire
Alex - Jamie Griffiths
Sharon - Rhonda Rossier

Crew Edit

Director - Barry Tinkler
Stage Manager - Mike Gearing
Back Stage Crew - John Covey and Alan Moss
Lighting - Brian Mercer
Sound - Steve Simpson
Props - Chris Moss and Pat Stewart
Prompt - Sarah Lakin
Poster/Program design - Joy Covey and Tony Makey
Publicity - Micki Darbyshire