Hi De Hi


July 18th - July 21st 2012


Micky Darbyshire

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Stage-Door's 42nd show is Hi De Hi, the stage adaption of the popular British comedy series of the same name written by Jimmy Perry and David Croft. David Croft was also the writer for 'Allo 'Allo which Stage-Door produced several years ago.

Hi-de-Hi! was set at Maplins, a fictional holiday camp owned by entrepreneur Joe Maplin in the fictional seaside town of Crimpton-on-Sea, Essex.

It is loosely based on Butlins, the holiday camp empire of Billy Butlin, his Redcoats replaced by 'Yellowcoats'. At the end of the 1958 season, the camp Entertainment Manager Mr Baverstock, a conman and womaniser, had been sacked for stealing charity money from the camp wishing well. At the same time, the camp comic Teddy Drinkwater had burned out and resigned, leaving the two posts vacant. The following year, a Cambridge University Professor of Archaeology, Jeffrey Fairbrother, who had tired of academia, applied for the role of Entertainment Manager. This annoyed the portly Camp Host, Ted Bovis, who wanted the job.

The job of Camp Comic was given to naive but kind-hearted Spike Dixon, who was awaiting his 'big break' and wanted an introduction to the world of show business.

Most episodes involved Ted Bovis attempting to scam the campers as well as the well-meaning Fairbrother, who also had to avoid the romantic approaches of Chief Yellowcoat and Sports Organiser, Gladys Pugh, as he was estranged from his wife but was initially reluctant to divorce her because of the social stigma attached.

Most of the other characters in the show were out-of-work actors and entertainers at the tail-end of their careers. These consisted of Fred Quilley, a disqualified jockey; Yvonne and Barry Stuart-Hargreaves, two former ballroom champions; and Mr Partridge, a failed music-hall star reduced to performing Punch and Judy puppet shows, despite hating children.

All these characters were big stars in their prime but were forced to take jobs at Maplins as a result of their careers failing, mostly because of the chaos that ensued in the aftermath of World War II, which had ended 14 years earlier.

Other characters consisted of several young men and women who had summer jobs as Yellowcoats, and Peggy Ollerenshaw, an eccentric but ambitious chalet maid who dreamed of becoming a Yellowcoat.


Gladys Pugh - Fiona Humphrey

Jeffrey Fairbrother - Jamie Griffiths

Ted Bovis - Dave Humphrey

Spike - Mark Barnes

Mr. Partridge - Nigel Peacock

Fred - David Griffin

Barry Stewart-Hargreaves - Nick Denton

Yvonne Stewart-Hargreaves - Sara Spencer

Peggy - Karen Perry

Hilary - Stevie Bennett

Mr. Pritchard - Alan Moss

Sylvia - Siobhana Healy

Betty - Maddie Denby

Tracey - Katy Sopp

Dawn - Kirstie Ferris

Bailiff - Gary Boniface

Announcer - Simon Bain


Director - Micky Darbyshire

Assistant Director - Maureen Ayres

Stage Manager - Gary Boniface

Costumes - Sandra Booker

Props - Christine Moss