Fiddler on the Roof


Dec 1st - Dec 4th 2004


Elana Healy

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About the Show Edit

Set in 1905, Fiddler on the Roof takes place in Anatevka, a small Jewish village in Russia.  The story resolves around the dairyman Tevye and his attempts to preserve his family's traditions in the face of a changing world.  When his eldest daughter Tzeitel begs him to let her marry a poor tailor rather than the middle-aged butcher that he has already chosen for her, Tevye must choose between his daughter's happiness and those beloved traditions that keep the outside world at bay.  Meanwhile, there are other forces at work in Anatevka, dangerous forces which threaten to destroy the very life he is trying to preserve

Cast Edit

Tevye - Mark Barnes
Golde - Fiona Wabe
Tzeitel - Karen Perry
Hodel - Rhonda Rossier
Chava - Sarah Lakin
Shprintze - Charley Butler
Bielke - Lorna Perry
Yente - Micki Darbyshire
Motel - Chris Nairne
Perchik - Barry Tinkler
Lazar Wolf - Tony Makey
Mordhca - John Covey
Rabbi - John Perry
Mendel - Freddie Thompson
Avrahm - Alan Moss
Beggar - Jo Lambert
Grabma Tzeitel - Anne Anderson
Fruma-Sarah - Anne Anderson
Constable - Bill Adams
Fyedka - Dan Hughes
Shaindel - Pat Stewart
Fiddler - Lisa Perry
Russian Singer - Bob Herbertson
Russian Dancers - Martin Bennett and Joe Bethel
Chrous - Caroline Baylis, Hanna Brooks, Lynn Davis, Amy Disney, Nicky Disney, Many Dukes, Heather Gearing, Roz Halsey, Sue Howard, Kate Jephson, Lisa Perry, Sarah Roberts, Mike Gearing, Ron Mundy, Stephen Osborne, Harry Perry and Nicolle Wabe

Crew Edit

Director - Elana Healy
Musical Director - Carole Paternoster
Choreographer - Becky Clist
Musicians - Phil Solomon, Michael Wooldridge and John McSweeney
Stage Manager - Ricky Davey
Stage Crew - Dave Humphrey, Brian Perry and James Wading
Lighting - Brian Mercer
Props - Chris Crinall
Set Design/Construction - Mike Gearing and Ricky Davey
Costumes - Irene McConnell
Publicity - Micki Darbyshire
Posters/Programs - Joy Covey and Toney Makey
Make Up - Catherine Wilson