Deadly Nightcap


28th March - 31st March 2001


John Covey

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Show Info Edit

Deadly Nightcap is a murder mystery play written by Francis Dunbridge and was Stage-Doors Ninth Show.  The action takes place in the present, in a house in East Sussex

Cast Edit

Sarah Radford - Joy Covey
Geoffrey Curtis - David Humphrey
Lucy Baker - Mabs Taylor
Edward Donnington - Derek Williams
Kate Warren - Elizabeth Prince
Jack Radford - Tony Makey
Anna Truman - Elana Healy
Dr. Young - Gaynor Rutter
Cliff Jordan - Alan Kauffman
Arnold Boston - Tim Davis

Crew Edit

Stage Manager - Ricky Davey
Stage Crew - Brian Perry
Sound - Steve Simpson
Lighting - Brian Mercer
Props - Chrys Crinnell
Set - Mike Gearing, Ricky Davey and Ron Mundy
Publicity - Micki Darbyshire